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About sheepskin

About Sheepskin

Sheepskin is a wonderful natural resource! Not only is it known for being warm, and oh so cozy, but it boasts several qualities that may come as a surprise. Sheepskin is an ultra comfortable material, but it is also breathable and water resistant. In other words sheepskin is great in the winter months, and surprisingly also in the summer. Sheepskin has a natural wicking quality which means it pulls away moisture from your body and it allows the air to circulate. Therefore your toes and fingers stay dry keeping you warm and comfortable all winter long! What more can you ask for?

Another great fact about sheepskin (and a great reason to make it your material of choice) is that it’s biodegradable. Synthetic materials which are thrown away accumulate in landfills; however sheepskin is a natural material, in other words it decomposes and becomes part of the earth.

Here at YourSheepskin.com, we attempt to use double faced sheepskin as much as possible. This means that both sides of the skin are used: the leather and the fleece. Since both sides are used, only the highest quality sheepskins are selected. The fleece, which is the coat of the sheep, has to be long and thick, and the leather has to be free of imperfections.

Genuine sheepskin contains lanolin, a natural substance, which makes it feel gentle against the skin and gives it a self cleaning quality. Sheepskin is naturally water resistant, so a small amount of moisture will not damage it.

Taking Care of Your Sheepskin

Sheepskin products can be hand washed in warm, mild, soapy water.  If you choose to machine wash be sure to use no harsh chemicals. To dry; place in a warm room and let dry naturally. When dry restore suede or wool with a soft brush.

To best maintain the shape for your footwear, place some paper towel in the toe and/or boot area. Avoid direct sunlight and do not place in front of heaters. For our footwear products, we recommend a silicon protector spray before use.

To ensure durability of your new product, avoid getting your sheepskin boots very wet. Although these are meant for outdoor use, they are still covered in suede therefore they are not water proof.